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3 x 150m, 3 x 100m


150m: 18.86, 18.57, 19.04
100m: 12.31, 11.99, 11.72

Recovery: 4' rec after each 150m rep. 2.5' rec after each 100m rep. 

Daniel Herrera — April 10th, 2018


Context & Details 

Dan was still in the heart of a heavy mesocycle preparing for the 2018 spring track racing season at the time of this session. In fact, this session came the morning following this 4 Mile Tempo + 4 x 200m, 2 x 800m workout.

Prefacing these sprinting reps on the track was a series of mini-hurdle drills which were implemented to help Daniel "feel" the sensation of virtuous mechanics. Upon completion of the mini-hurdle drills, he transitioned right to the track and began sprinting. 

I call this type of session "Sprint Tech" which is short for Sprinting Technique Work. The aim is to refine the athlete's biomotor capabilities through drilling for feeling, and then immediately transitio to sprinting as a learn-by-doing pathway. This introduces, teaches, stabilizes, and eventually consolidates several key technical elements of how an athlete moves when running at top speed. 

There is a lot of teaching and feedback that goes into this type of session. For me it is some of the most exciting work I do as a coach. When an athlete buys into it and begins to see the benefits from this type of study, their performance typically skyrockets. 

Specifically, Dan has been doing this type of session for 3 seasons. He had zero experience with sprinting when I first began working with him. Now it is common for him to clock 25 - 24 second 200m reps in practice. A recording like that would have been unheard of to his college self.

And if you, like Daniel, are desiring to compete at a world class level as a miler you have to have that type of foot speed in this day and age simply to be in the game.


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