Workout of the Day

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4 Mile Tempo + 4 x 200m, 2 x 800m


4 Mile: 20:09
200m: 29.3, 30.0, 30.7, 29.2
800m: 2:05.6, 2:09.8

Recovery: 8' rec. after 4 Mile. 90" rec. between 200m reps. 3' between 800m reps

Daniel Herrera — April 9th, 2018


Context & Details 

A steady on track tempo. A handful of twos at mile pace and a couple 800m reps at 3K effort to finish off. 

Nothing wild. Nor jaw-dropping. Just a simple, basic workout which covers the fundamentals for a miler.

The aim of the day was straightforward: shift through a few different rhythms while executing the speeds and movement with purpose and clarity.

Daniel didn't need to perfect, only present. All that was asked of him was to punch the clock, do the work, refine his craft and get a little better.

Rep by rep. Step by step. 


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Jonathan Marcus