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Eleanor Fulton (#32), tackles her first 5,000m race at the 2018 Payton Jordan Invite. Photo:  Runnerspace

Eleanor Fulton (#32), tackles her first 5,000m race at the 2018 Payton Jordan Invite. Photo: Runnerspace

1 x 1200m, 2 x 400m, 3 x 300m, 3 x 200m, 1 x 1200m tempo


1,200m: 3:45.2
400m: 67.3, 64.1
300m: 47.8, 45.9, 46.9
200m: 30.1, 30.5, 30.2
1,200m tempo: 4:09.25

Recovery: 400m rec after 1200m in 3'. 200m rec after 400m & 200m reps in 90", 400m rec after 300m reps in 2'

Eleanor Fulton — April 30th, 2018


Context & Details 

Eleanor raced her first 5,000m on the track at the 2018 Payton Jordan Invite. This session came days before she ran her way to a 16:00 debut.

She is a capable miler, who has a bright future ahead of her in the sport. It is a been a privilege and pleasure working with her the past 2 years. I like to think we've made each other better for our athlete-coach relationship as we've both noticeably matured because of it.

Opting to run a 5K on the track is no small step for the miler. The task can seem daunting at first as it is three times the miler's preferred race distance. However, Eleanor handled herself well in new territory. 

This session was seemingly a diagnostic of clicking through the gears of varying speeds. Three laps at 5,000m rhythm. Then 400m reps at 1500m tempo, 300m reps at 800m clip and the 200m reps were simply fast and smooth. The final 1200m was a tempo or aerobic flush, designed to assist with the clearance of any acidosis, which hopefully was near none as the recovery intervals were generous for Eleanor on this session, so as to ensure she was no worse for the wear. More or less it was a buffer to ensure she was not in a metabolic deficit going into race day 72 hours later.

On race day, her final 200m was 33", which after 4800m of foreign landscape, looked and, as she later reported, felt like home. It goes to show, you can take the miler out of the mile, but ultimately can't take the mile out of the miler. 


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