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10 x 400m

Splits: 70.1, 69.0, 72.3, 69.8, 69.5, 69.0, 68.7, 68.6, 68.7, 66.0

Recovery: 2' - 3' rec after each rep

Rebecca Mehra — April 27th, 2018


Context & Details 

Rebecca is a fierce competitor whose running career has long been plagued with injuries. Her mind wants to train and race at full steam, but her body won't allow it. This type of athlete requires a lot of care and attention as they always seem to be walking a razors edge. 

Since Rebecca joined High Performance West in early 2018, we've taken many steps to get, and keep, her out of the injury cycle. It is not easy, but the slow start and foundation being laid now is worth the investment. Something I have to remind her of daily. 

Ten by 400m is a typical benchmark workout for the middle distance athlete employed around world and since the beginning of repetition training. I often use it as a first workout back after a long unplanned layoff or during the heart of the season as a tool to give an ascending athlete a boost of confidence. Rebecca fell into the former category at the time of this session. 

The aim was to run about 70" - 69" (her ideal current 1 Mile fitness) for the first 6 reps and then see how she handled running slightly faster, more as an experiment and exploratory activity since it had been months since she'd moved that quick. 

She handled the workload well while the speed of effort was familiar, but more difficult than remembered. This was to be expected after nearly 4 months on the shelf.

Most importantly, she was able to perform the workout without compromise or penalty, which was a small win. And though the paces weren't worth celebrating for this 4:11 1500m athlete, the privilege to move as desired unencumbered by pain deserved a little smile coupled with a sign of relief.


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