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10 x 600m, 4 x 100m


600m: 71 - 68 / 400m
100m: 12.5, 12.7, 12.5, 12.2

Recovery: 200m rec after 600m reps. 100m walk after 100m reps.

Andrew Wheating — March 23rd, 2010


Context & Details

This looks like a straightforward strength and speed workout. Moderate aerobic endurance work (and yes, for Wheating, 6,000m worth of work at 4:38-mile pace broken into 600m segments counts as aerobic endurance) followed by a handful of crisp, but not crazy, 100m reps. 

Judging by his training log, it appears to be the first in a series of workouts within a new 6-week training block for Wheating coming back from the NCAA indoor season.

So nothing too remarkable at play on this one, save the big fella who is doing the running.


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