Workout of the Day


3 x (300m, 200m, 100m) 


Set #1: 45.7, 29.9, 13.4
Set #2: 44.428.72, 13.44
Set #3: 42.928.12, 12.72

Recovery: 60" after 300m, 30" after 200m, 90" after 100m 

Alan Webb — Feb 11th, 2014


Context & Details 

I was Alan's coach during the sunset of his professional running career, which consisted of a heady 10 months.

This was his final track workout as a pro, which came days before his retirement race, the 1 Mile at the 2014 Millrose Games.

I remember watching him run this workout and just enjoying the moment for what it was that chilly February day. I didn't yell splits, or really coach any, merely spectated and checked in between sets to hear his thoughts/feedback. 

Of all the workouts I've ever witnessed, this is my all-time favorite. It was special to share the moment with a good friend. Fantastic husband. Amazing dad. And arguably the most important American miler ever.

Seeing him circle the practice track for his final session is a priceless memory. One, like Alan's remarkable 3:46.91, I'll cherish for a lifetime.



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Jonathan Marcus