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 photo ©  kevmofoto.com

photo © kevmofoto.com

5 x 1 Mile + 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m


1 Mile reps: 5:25, 5:23, 5:21, 5:18, 5:17
Breakdown: 4:573:39, 2:2166

Recovery: 90" rec after 1 Mile reps, 800m before breakdowns, 400m rec between reps in breakdown

Kara Goucher — May 14th, 2013


Context & Details

This was an early session in Kara's preparations for the 10,000m at USATF Outdoor Championships in Des Moines, IA in late June of 2013. 

It looks like Jerry Schumacher (Kara's coach at the time) designed this session as a mix of a broken lactate threshold work of 5 x 1 Mile with little rest, followed by a difficult breakdown ladder descending in speed.

If you take a step back, the workout kind of looks like how a 10K race on the track is run — a steady grind, building of tempo and speed, and then a final all-out thrust on over the last 400m. Making for a simple, elegant yet astute track session.


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