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2:04 / 4:33 (1M) former Georgetown Hoya and new HPW Elite athlete Andrea Keklak (far right).

2:04 / 4:33 (1M) former Georgetown Hoya and new HPW Elite athlete Andrea Keklak (far right).

2 x (3 x 200m, 1 x 300m) + 2 x 100m


200m Set #1: 30.15, 30.70, 31.48
300m Set #1: 47.09
200m Set #2: 31.51, 30.9130.70
300m Set #2: 46.87
100m: 13.1213.36

Recovery: n/a 2' - 3' between 200s. 4' between 300s and after last 200. 2' - 3' min between 100s

Andrea Keklak — May 13th, 2018


Context & Details 

Andrea is the newest member of the High Performance West Elite athlete cohort.

She is a Georgetown alum, who took nearly 2 years away from the sport to work on Capital Hill, before returning to pursue the sport full time. In college, she was coached by my good friend Mike Smith, now Director of Track & Field and Cross Country at Northern Arizona University. 

Andrea has been responding well to training and progressing far quicker than I expected. She didn't restart legitimate training until this April after nearly two years away off. 

This workout is a moderate speed endurance session. The 200m reps are at a long-term 800m goal pace, while the 300m reps are at ideal end-of-season 800m pace. And the 100m reps are simply "good and fast," with a focus on mechanical integrity. 

For an athlete who had over 20 months away from the sport, this sessions shows two things: talent and promise. 

We're aiming to get her back in elite racing fitness as quickly as possible, but at the same time not rushing her development. It is a fine line to walk, but sessions like this give a coach optimism that a seemingly far off goal might be closer than we thought. Only time, work, effort, and sweat will tell.

Regardless, to date, Andrea has been an incredible addition to HPW stable of athletes. I am excited to see what she does in the coming weeks and years.


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