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photo:  bernews

photo: bernews

2 x 4 Miles


4 Mile # 1: 5:14, 5:01, 5:03, 4:59 = 20:17
4 Mile # 2: 4:57, 4:55, 4:51, 4:23 = 19:06

Recovery: 5' rest between reps

Diriba Degefa — June 26th, 2013


Context & Details

Diriba had just finished up a spring track season and was now readying for a summer road race campaign which would consist of road miles all the way up to half-marathons. 

This was his first workout back after a transition week of just easy running which came at the conclusion of his North American outdoor track season. 

The instructions were pretty loose for this session. I advised him to run the first 4 Miles at roughly 5-minute pace and the second only "a little faster."

He performed it on the track, without a watch. I only offered every 800m spilt as a guide. On the final 1 Mile he got after it, dropping a 4:23. 

Afterwards, I asked him why he elected to accelerate so sharply for the final mile of the second 4 mile tempo. 

He replied, "Always, at the end of race, you must be ready to push, push, push, until there is no more. It is the only way."


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