Workout of the Day


1 Mile + 2 x (4 x 1,000m)


1 Mile: 4:56.9
1,000m Set #1 : 3:31.1, 3:31.0, 3:32.0, 3:31.1
1,000m Set #2 : 3:30.8, 3:31.0, 3:28.7, 3:22.2

Recovery: 8' after 1 Mile. 75" between 1Ks in a set. 6' between sets.

Eleanor Fulton — Nov 18th, 2017


Context & Details 

In November of 2017, Eleanor was laying the groundwork for what she desired to be her most competitive indoor campaign. It ended up producing her fastest indoor marks ever over distances of 800m, 1,000m, 1 Mile, and 3,000m.

This workout was a blend of inspiration from Prefontaine as well as focused work at her lactate threshold. 

The 1 Mile was an echo of the 4:00 mile Pre used to do in nearly every workout in the summer of 1972 before his epic Olympic run at 5,000m. His coach, Bill Dellinger, had Pre do a 4:00 as a "warm up" before each workout to condition him to running 60" per quarter. Pure genius.

Here, we toned it down for Eleanor to be a 5:00 mile, and then start the workout proper of 8,000m worth of lactate threshold work with a 200m jog in 75" seconds between reps in a set and 800m very easy between sets.

This gave her roughly 6 miles of quality work on the day, which for a middle distance runner, in mid-November, is a healthy dosage of aerobic work. Coupled with the gym and hill work she was doing throughout her training weeks that fall, consistent exposures to sessions like this positioned her well to run 2:06, 2:43, 4:34, and 9:14, respectively, in the early winter of 2018, her best times ever indoors, but for her, not good enough. 

As baseball player Marcus Giles said, "You've got to set high standards for yourself." And by keeping your standards high, like Eleanor, eventually you must rise to meet them.


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