Workout of the Day

3:56 1 Mile man, Daniel Herrera mid-stride. 

3:56 1 Mile man, Daniel Herrera mid-stride. 

3 x 150m, 1 x 400m


150m: 18.4, 18.1, 17.9
400m: 54.9

Recovery: Full rec. as desired. 

Daniel Herrera — June 6th, 2018


Context & Details 

This is a pure speed workout for the middle distance man. The 150m reps are short, but performed at sprint efforts. The recovery is full. And the 400m was run in a manner to mimic the final lap of a 1500m with the first 200m at race pace and the final 200m accelerating crisply for 120m.  

Daniel races in the high performance 1500m at Portland Track Festival in 4 days after this session, so it can't be thought of as a workout but rather a primer for his upcoming race. 

Dare I say it? He may be "ready to roll."


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