Workout of the Day


2 x 200m, 300m - 250m - 200m - 150m - 100m, 2 x 400m


200m: 26.4, 26.1
300m: 38.2
250m: 31.6
200m: 25.0
150m: 18.6
100m: 12.1
400m: 54.0, 53.3

Recovery: 4' - 5' between each rep

Daniel Herrera — August 30th, 2017


Context & Details 

A pure speed workout through and through. 

Full sprinting. Short reps. Long recovery. 

For any athlete, the best way to get faster is to run fast without excessive breakdown. For Daniel, at this point in the season with 1 mile road/track races nearly every weekend, his capacity for sprint work was the highest it had ever been.

The long recoveries between reps ensure the quality of every step stays high. The goal of a session like this is to run very fast, but not overload the athlete. It is a fine line to walk, but the payoff come race day is worth it, as the athlete can sustain quicker paces for longer, later in the race.

And that is what training is really all about, preparing the athlete to express themselves to their fullest ability come race day.

No matter the nature of the race, in the end, every athlete will be be asked to run their fastest, regardless of their state of being. Thus, why a healthy, regular dosage of sprint work is useful for any runner, especially for the ever versatile miler.


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