Workout of the Day


3 x 1 Mile


#1: 58, 63, 60, 664:07.2
#2: 64, 59, 67, 60 – 4:10.6
#3: 60, 66, 60, 67 – 4:13.6

Recovery: 3' rec after each rep

Bob Kennedy — June 8, 1996


Context & Details 

This is a fantastic alternation or change-of-pace workout. You can see Kennedy working on his surging capacity throughout the session.

He was about three weeks away from the 5,000m rounds at the 1996 US Olympic Trials and roughly 2 months away from the Atlanta Olympic Games when he performed this session.

I'd fancy a guess he was alternating 400m splits between 1 mile pace and 10K pace throughout the mile reps. Even though the global time of the reps decrease as the session progresses, the 400m pick ups at 1 mile speed stay steady. Which is impressive.

By the looks of it, he was preparing himself to absorb the wild surges famously employed by the East African distance runners during the 1990s.

Make no mistake, this is a tough session, and the hard way to run mile repeats.

But like the world class pro Kennedy was, he ran it with an uncanny fluency, which if anyone were watching, might have made this highly difficult task look uncharastically easy.


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