Workout of the Day


1 x 1,000m, 500m, 300m, 200m, 1 x 1,000m, 2 x (500m, 300m, 200m)


1,000m: 2:31.8
500m, 300m, 200m: 1:15.3, 42.8, 28.5
1,000m: 2:30.5
2 x 500m, 300m, 200m: 1:14.7, 42.7, 28.1 / 1:13.3, 41.8, 26.5

Recovery: 400m jog rec after 1K reps. Rec = distance of next upcoming rep within the breakdown. 

Daniel Herrera — May 25th, 2018


Context & Details

The following is Daniel's recap of this session from his training log.

Enjoy! // jm


Day started early as weather forecast didn’t look promising with thunderstorms and high humidity. Poor night of sleep. Woof.

The weather, sleep, and loneliness (to be honest) actually got the better of me at the start. Tack on a difficult workout and I felt like I had an out as it was.

So on warmup I had the thought that this is pretty crazy, me going to do this workout solo in New Orleans on a day like today. That kind of let me be free with it. Said I might not even make it through the whole thing. Shoot, likely I won’t. So I might as well get through as much as best I can. That set the tone. Get through as much as best I can.

Workout was harder than any race could be though. And I take pride that I got it done. Now I need to carry that trust and spirit of play into race day, tuck my head down and simply get through as much as best I can.


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Thx //  jm

Jonathan Marcus