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Jordan Hasay at the 2014  Portland Track Festival .

Jordan Hasay at the 2014 Portland Track Festival.

6 x 1 Mile

Splits: 4:55, 4:56, 4:53, 4:49, 4:43, 4:37

Recovery: 400m jog recovery

Jordan Hasay — July 5th, 2013


Context & Details 

Jordan might be the kindest person I've met through running. She has long been in the spotlight and has handled it amazingly well, not letting fame inflate her ego. She is warm, respectful, and hyper focused on being the best she can which is something worth championing. 

In 2013, Jordan had preliminary qualified for the World Championships in the 10,000m at the USATF Outdoor Championships and I think this could have been her first workout after that race. She placed 2nd but didn't have the "A" mark in the event, so she was prepping to run another 10K, essentially a time trial, so she could represent for Team USA later that summer - thus the demanding nature of this session so shortly after competing at a US Championship.

This is a classic 1 mile cutdown session which a coach can employ to callous the miler up to the marathon. As you can see, even the nation's top athletes employ "steak and potatoes" sessions like this because they nourish fitness so well. It is worth remembering, improvement is often cultivated by straightforward methods. No need to be fancy, just show up and get the job done. Then rest. Repair. And repeat. It is a simple, yet highly effective equation. 

Jordan went on to hit the World "A" mark later that summer and compete at the World Championships, proving despite all the new age bells and whistles that surround an athlete in this day and age, there is no escaping the requirement of doing good old fashioned hard work.


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