Workout of the Day


8 x 400m

Splits: 70.5, 71.0, 71.7, 70.4, 70.1, 71.8, 70.7, 69.7

Recovery: 200m jog in 90"

Sarah Dean — January 14, 2015


Context & Details 

This is a fun, quick, and potent session I employ for the miler/5K runner getting back in shape, as Sarah (4:22 1500m PR) was at this time. 

The aim is to run the 400s at goal mile speed. The speed and distance of the rep itself is not the demanding component of the session; instead, it is managing the increasing levels of fatigue as the session progresses due to the 1 to 1.25 work to rest ratio employed. Here the density of intensity is the challenge to be met and strengthen by.

The final 3 - 4 reps should be manageable for the athlete, but require deep focus to execute. The physiological benefit is potent, as athletes I've coached who do this type of workout often see a rapid response (usually 10 - 14 days time) after this session and express elevated confidence in their fitness. This is a nice tertiary benefit. 

Honestly, I fancy this session because the final half of the workout demands the runner to focus intently, much like the final half of a race. Attention is key when competing and in a culture with shortened and increasingly distracted attention spans. Often against peers of similar ability, the most focused athlete wins.

And training sessions like these are my attempt as a coach to combat today's ever growing culture of distraction.  


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