Workout of the Day


4 x 300m

Splits: 41, 38, 37, 36

Recovery: 3' walk/jog rec after each rep. 

Andrew Wheating — June 4th, 2009


Context & Details 

In 2009, a year after making the 2008 Olympic team in the 800m, Wheating won his first outdoor NCAA title in the 2 lap event. 

This was one of his final sessions leading into that NCAA title run. It is a classic 800m workout, one I employ in the final weeks before championship season provided the 800m runner is healthy. 

What I love about looking through Wheating's training log is how straightforward his preparation was, but how easy he made very difficult speeds of play, like this in session, look. Most of all, true to his signature personality, he had a lot fun running fast. Honestly, I think that is why he achieved as much as he did in his career. He just got a kick out of running quick. 

I'll let Andy's comments wrap up, "Good day. Felt awesome!"


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