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3 x (4 x 200m)


Set #1 — 32, 34, 31, 31
Set #2 — 31.2, 31.2, 30.3, 30.5
Set #3 — 31.2, 29.7, 29.7, 27.8

Recovery: 200m jog rec. between reps, 400m jog rec. between sets

McKayla Fricker — Feb. 24th, 2018


Context & Details

I've featured workouts by McKayla before, but this one is fresh, performed only days ago. 

McKayla decided to skip the indoor season this year. A variety of factors played into her decision, and I fully supported it. 

That means she sits roughly 17 weeks away from her intended target race this spring, the USA Outdoor Championships in late June. These days I structure training on 14 day cycles (11 day work blocks, with 3 day restoration blocks), so that means she is about 8 - 9 cycles out from USAs. The 11 day + 3 day approach is a new construction and we're still exploring and experimenting with it. Thus far, the response has been positive. But more time and evidence is needed before I decide if this structure finds a permanent home in my training design toolbox. The jury is still out.

For McKayla, at this time in her preparations to compete at the national, and possibly global level, this is considered a stamina-speed session. The stamina is due to the volume of reps, twelve 200s, which is 1.5 miles of work, done at an honest pace which averages to be goal race pace 60" - 59"/400m, the speed element. Here, the aim is to restore confidence after a rocky winter and get her body re-acclimatized to race-specific running. 

This session showed promise. She found it challenging but engaging, and she was excited afterward. I was delighted she was beaming and was able to revisit the well-known territory of 30" - 27" for 200 meters. An athlete's race pace is their home. At home, one is safe, secure, unthreatened, and in their element. And that is precisely how I view effective training - conditioning an athlete to ensure their racing speed is their refuge, a place where the world makes sense and they can thrive. And the more often one visits such speeds, the more familiar they become with such an environment. 


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