Workout of the Day

Ryan Dohner (right) with University of Texas college teammate Craig Lutz.

Ryan Dohner (right) with University of Texas college teammate Craig Lutz.

7 x 1 Mile cutdown


4:55, 4:48, 4:38, 4:29, 4:22, 4:16, 4:09

Recovery: Start each repeat on an 8 minute "Go"

Ryan Dohner  — Feb. 1, 2013


Context & Details 

The Texas squad was firing on all cylinders heading into Husky Invitational aka "PR City". The workout for the day was a 7 x 1-mile cutdown on the track starting off around threshold and working down to under 5k pace. We had a very solid group of guys working together that included multiple All- Americans. We started off with a 4:55 mile to get the legs and lungs warmed up for the real stuff.

From there the splits dropped 8-10 seconds per mile as the bodies allowed us naturally: 4:48 second mile, 4:38 3rd mile, 4:29 4th mile...and then the fun began.

Our next mile was now in range of 5k pace. Which everyone knows is the most uncomfortable pace to hold for the longest time. The front pack split a 4:22 which included Joe Stilin and Craig Lutz.  From here we were told to keep it controlled but a little bit faster. The next mile was a 4:16, faster than most of our 3,000m race pace.

Surprisingly everyone felt strong and in control. So Coach John Hayes gave us the green light to see what we could do on the last one.

The result: 4:09 last mile.

At the time this was only 1 second off of my indoor mile pr of 4:08. Joe finished just ahead of me, with Craig right on my heels. Afterwards, we were excited and confident that our 3K personal bests would go down that next week at PR City in Seattle. And that is exactly what came to pass. In fact, the University of Texas school record was broken, twice. Joe ran 7:56 and I recorded 7:58 for 3,000m, both better than the previous school record.

—Ryan Dohner

Jonathan Marcus