Workout of the Day


200m, 300m, 400m, 500m 


200m — 25.8
300m — 38.8
400m — 51.8
500m — 65.1

Recovery: 400m jog after each rep

Andrew Wheating — April 13th, 2008


Context & Details

The previous WOTD showcased a session by Wheating roughly 2 weeks prior to this one. 

Wheating's comments for this session articulated his experience poignantly: "Man, what a workout! Gotta LOVE it!" 

This is a speed endurance/stamina session. The running starts fast and stays fast as the duration increased. Don't be fooled, even though the reps are short, the speeds of play are very quick. For the 800m athlete, this is an impressive and honest session. His splits are national class and approaching world class. 

I've poured over Wheating's 2008 training log. This session and the week from which it came offer the first inkling that he may be on the cusp of a breakout year. 

For Wheating, the weeks leading up to this session weren't too impressive. Nothing out of the ordinary. And as I remarked before, not every workout in a season needs to be breathtaking. Too often we go out and try to force magic to happen which results in disappointment, burnout, injury, and/or diminished returns. 

Truth be told, as this session and Wheating's overall trajectory to the top proves, if you keep punching the clock, every day, and do the necessary work eventually incredible finds you.


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