Workout of the Day


 1 x 600m, 2 x 400m, 3 x 200m 


600m — 1.26.2
400m — 55.2, 52.4
200m — 26.4, 27.4, 27.2

Recovery: 400m jog after each rep

Andrew Wheating — March 31st, 2008


Context & Details

I like this workout because it is nothing special. It is simple. Easy. But effective. A classic example of minimal effective dosage. 

Wheating's comment regarding the session: "Good workout. Struggled a little on the 600 but felt fine after that." Several months later he would make the US Olympic team in the Men's 800m.

It goes to show one needn't feel like a rockstar on every workout or must have all stellar workouts to have a breakout year. Sometimes, it is simply about punching the clock and getting the day's job done. No more. No less. 


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Jonathan Marcus