Workout of the Day


Triple Run w. A 3 Mile Race

AM | 11 miles, easy
PM| 3 miles race in 14:04 - 2nd
LATE PM | 6 miles, easy

Bill Rodgers  —  Jan. 26th, 1975


Context & Details 

In a previous daily blog, I highlighted Bill Rodgers' training from 1975 before he won the Boston Marathon. 

He often ran triple runs. But one day stuck out to me, January 26th. He performed a triple run, running an indoor 3 Mile track race during mid day in 14:04. Think about it. He ran a track race, in a decent time and was competitive, finishing 2nd, in his second of three runs on the day. Amazing. 

It prompts thought and challenges our modern bias about how to approach training and early season races. Whether you agree with Boston Billy's methods or not, it is nonetheless interesting and, at the time, worked for him. Which is all that really counts when it comes to training, that the activities participated in work for the athlete engaged in the pursuit. 


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