Make A Contribution

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Nowadays, our ever connected world feels smaller and smaller. Fears of over population, scare resources, and a rapidly changing social and environmental landscape occupy the minds of many. 

However, the world is still a big place. There is room for all of us. 

But now, more than ever, the question we each must answer is — how will you choose to show up?

Will you be selfish, greedy, zero sum focused and give others the cold shoulder?

Or will you elect to be generous, kind, playing a long game and exercise empathy when dealing with others?

Each position is a posture — a choice. One that must be renewed and reinforce every day, action, breath. 

I believe the most worthwhile path involves making a daily contribution, in whatever small way possible. Tidying up a common space when it is out of sorts, offering words of encouragement to someone going through a rough patch, or delivering something unexpected to a recipient, not for your profit, but on purpose, for their betterment. 

The world can be a harsh place if we act out of fear and greed.

Or it can be delightful territory if we decide to inject a little good into the arena day by day. 


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus