McKayla Fricke r, winning the 2016 Adrian Martienz Classic Women's 800m | photo ©

McKayla Fricker, winning the 2016 Adrian Martienz Classic Women's 800m | photo ©

Why is momentum so important? 

Because overcoming inertia is hard. 

Inertia is our default state. It is far easier to do nothing or remain unchanged than to take action and set things into motion.

Momentum represents change. And we are hardwired to fear change, when in fact we fear loss. Change is not bad, nor is loss. In fact, both can be good.

Changing jobs for twice your current salary is good. Losing 15 lbs of excess body weight is good.  And for those results to occur, we must act and overcome our resistance to change. 

Momentum is a crucial ingredient for progress. Without it, improvement cannot be realized. And the wonderful thing about momentum is it compounds exponentially. 

Yes, the early going seems fruitless, with little rewards to show for one's efforts. But by sticking with it, showing up day after day, covering mile after mile, one day, all of a sudden, we're elevated to new heights previously unbeknown to us. 

And that is the importance of momentum ― it is the source of growth and shield against decay.


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Jonathan Marcus