There Is Only So Much Time

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When we step back, take an honest inventory of life with sober eyes the intoxication of expectations fades. 

It is easy to get caught up in the capitalistic trappings of progress and success. By design the markers are material ― dwellings, automobiles, garments, etc. all serve as placeholders for status.  

Our bank account is not a measure of our inherent value. However, too many allow their net worth to impact their self worth. 

The author Louis L'Amour understood this and advised the following ―

“Do not let yourself be bothered by the inconsequential. One has only so much time in this world, so devote it to the work and the people most important to you, to those you love and things that matter. One can waste half a lifetime with people one doesn't really like, or doing things when one would be better off somewhere else.” 

There is only so much time. Choose wisely what games and places you play.

Once spent, our time cannot be recouped.  


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Jonathan Marcus