Before You’re Ready

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Most of our most important choices in life happen before we’re ready. 

Picking a college. A career. Getting married. Buying a house. Having your first child. The death of your parents. Your own death. 

These are unique, one time events. Personal black swan occurrences. 

No amount of training, study, or preparation can ready us for experiencing any of these events. 

The only way we can know how to handle such circumstance is from the knowledge gained by handling them. 

What matters most when coming to a Before You’re Ready event is who we are as individuals. 

Thankfully, our demeanor, posture, and way of being is something which we can cultivate and evolve through study, practice, reflection, and action.

No one ever aces a Before You’re Ready event, as we all are horrible at anything on the first try. However, one can be prepared to do their best in that moment by being focused and fully immersed in the action and not the outcome. 

But those who have a practice are at an advantage. 

These wise souls know encountering any event is not about achieving a short term outcome to be judged. 

Rather, their reward lies in the doing, even before they’re ready.


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus