Jerry Schumacher on Getting Better


In early 2018 I asked Bowerman TC head coach Jerry Schumacher what was his focus that year for the athletes in his stable of professional distance runners. 

He paused. Thought a moment and replied, "Frankly, all I care about is we get better at getting better."

I asked him to clarify with some specifics. 

"Being better at the simple things that make a big difference."

"Like what?" I pressed. 

"Like, running 10 mile tempo runs at 5:00 / mile pace with the same ease and control most guys now have for 8 miles. Or getting better at recovering better between workouts week in and week out. You know, just getting better at the things that will get us better."

Notice what Jerry didn't say.

He didn't say run lots more miles than ever before, run workouts significantly faster, train harder, etc.

No, those aren't the type of things a world class coach is concerning himself with to elevate some of the best distance runners on the planet.

And is a perspective which any coach or athlete could benefit from considering. 


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus