Payton Jordan — Champions in the Making


There is a highly competitive track meet in Palo Alto every Spring named after famed former Stanford head coach Payton Jordan.

He was a legend in the golden era of track and field in America. 

His legacy includes a book he co-authored with Bud Spencer, Champions in the Making

They named the title of Chapter 2, "How to Succeed in Track & Field By Really Trying." And it fits perfect. Here is the opening paragraph: 

Track and field is an exacting sport, full of challenges. In any event you are absolutely on your own. During a competitive effort, no one can help you. Mistakes can't be hidden. Every sequence of a race, a throw, a jump is tactically important. You can never let up, never stop concentrating, for the barest fraction of a second you can fall apart just enough to be a loser. In every effort an athlete comes face to face with himself and with the forces acting against him. This experience reflects the reality of life.

Timeless wisdom about the sport of track, and life, which is true and useful to this day. 


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Jonathan Marcus