Workout of the Day


3 x 1200m, 800m, 400m


Set #1: 3:46, 2:30, 70
Set #2: 3:48, 2:31, 69
Set #3: 3:51, 2:31, 79

Recovery: 400m jog recovery in 3'

Nicole Blood — March 29th, 2011


Context & Details

Two thousand eleven was an up and down spring for Nicole. She graduated from the University of Oregon on a high note in 2010, but was plagued by injuries as a professional runner. She would get spurts of consistent training in and then - whaam! - an injury would strike out of the blue. 

This session came during a relative healthy block of training for her. But even this workout was marred by the early spring allergies common in Eugene, as she noted in her log it was difficult to breathe that day. This makes the session even more impressive knowing not only was she coming back from injury, but also running with "one lung" as she puts it. 

From her training log, it looks like she was preparing to race the 5,000m that spring, but such would never materialize. Another road block presented itself a while later and she was stuck on the sidelines. Which is a shame. I often wonder what the complexion of women's American distance running would have been in the early 2010s had Nicole been able to keep healthy and race to her full potential.

Knowing her, my quarter says she would have redefined the category in way the world, now sadly, will never know.


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