Workout of the Day


10 x 150m

Splits: 20.320.919.5, 20.419.9, 19.4, 19.5, 19.4, 18.9, 18.4

Recovery: 75" rec. between each rep

Alan Webb — Sept. 13th, 2010


Context & Details 

Alan performed this session roughly 2 weeks before the 5th Ave Mile in 2010. He took 4th there in 3:53.7.

This is an impressive and potent speed endurance session. All the reps are between 55" - 50" 400m speed.

And relative to the intensity of the 150s, the rest interval is almost nothing. Essentially, this simulates running a world class 1500m but with small breaks.

I have to admit, this is an intelligently designed and effective speed endurance session for a miler. 

Alan shows his class on the final 2 reps where he drills them at sub-19, which most likely, knowing Alan, is from a standing start. And he makes the workout all the more remarkable. 


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