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2 x (4 x 200m)


Set #1: 32.6, 33.1, 31.7, 31.5
Set #2: 29.9, 30.0, 29.4, 27.8

Recovery: 200m in 80" rec. between each rep and 4' between sets

Eleanor Fulton — April 22nd, 2018


Context & Details 

Eleanor performed this session two days before the 2018 USATF 1 Mile Road Race Championships where she finished 8th in 4:39

This was a tune up session designed to refine her sense of rhythm at quickening speeds and, more than anything, leave her with a sense of readiness for the upcoming race. 

Times weren't really the aim of the session, simply the result of the process. Her focus was on honing and stabilizing her movement quality through a wide tolerance of paces. The cue we employed on the 200s was to run "crisp," which means with sharp purpose of intent and physical execution. 


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