Workout of the Day


2 x 200m, 300m/250m/200m/150m/100m, 2 x 400m


200m — 26.43 26.12 
300/250/200/150/100 — 38.22 / 31.65 / 25.03 / 18.63 / 12.11
400m — 54.03 53.32

Recovery: 4' - 5' rec between each rep 

Daniel Herrera — Aug. 30, 2017


Context & Details 

The concept of speed reserve is a phenomenon useful to every athlete. It has particularly beneficial applications for all runners, sprinter to the marathoner. 

The evidence is clear that if an athlete's 30m maximum velocity and capacity improves, they will run faster no matter the distance of their event. Therefore, a prudent training program for the competitive runner includes exposure to alactic and speed endurance work. 

This speed endurance session for Daniel (a 3:56 miler) came with one month left in his 2017 racing season. He had been racing since April that Spring but still had a few 1 mile road races lined up on the calendar. In most North American 1 mile road races, the victor needs to own the ability to close in 38 - 36 seconds for the final 300m no matter the previous tempo. This is where speed reserve is key. Therefore, refinement of this quality is a must. 

And that is what you are seeing here. An honest speed endurance session where Daniel kept it simple. No watch. Simply sprinting as best he could. We didn't talk about times to hit for each rep. There were no goal times. The purpose of the session was to sprint well for him, for as long as he could. And when he was done, the session was done. He did end up doing the entire session as I originally wrote it and hitting marks faster than he or I anticipated.

More importantly, he moved well, had fun, and felt fast. As a result, the faster than expected times were produced.


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