Workout of the Day


12 x 400m

Splits: 75.8, 72.2, 74.2, 73.7 ,75.0, 72.0, 75.2, 73.9, 78.8, 73.9, 73.0, 69.5

Recovery: 100m jog in 40" - 60" after each rep

Julia Webb — April 27th, 2014


Context & Details 

This is the hard way to run 3 miles worth of 3,000m pace work. The recovery reps are far too short, almost a tease. It is a demanding and taxing session and only appropriate for the athlete who is ready and willing — as Julia was at this time.

She was up for hard work in 2014 as she had ambitions to return to the USA Outdoor Championships in the 3,000m steeplechase. She had placed 9th at the meet in 2013 and wanted to better her finish there this year, despite a rocky winter and fall, so we got to work that spring. 

A steeplechaser must be supremely fit. After all, the steeple is one of the most difficult events on the track. And we needed to accelerate Julia's fitness since she was hampered by inconsistency beforehand, so we employed many "get-fit-quick" workouts — such as this one — to positive effect. 

What makes this type of session difficult is the 3 miles worth of work, albeit broken up, of VO2 Max or Specific Stamina capacity. It is abrasive work, but important to do nonetheless. The relative density and intensity of the speeds she is running I've found produces a high impact response in the 1500m / 3K SC / 5K athlete. Seeing as time was of the essence, we had to be aggressive with her training so she could be ready to compete at a national class level in late June. 

I'm happy to report the treatment employed provide a useful cure. A few weeks after this workout and conclusion of the intense block of training where this session was placed, Julia ran 10:02 for the steeple, which qualified her for the 2014 championship meet. 

Mission accomplished. 


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