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Rebecca Mehra, the newest HPW Elite and Stanford University #3 all-time in the 1500m (4:11). 

Rebecca Mehra, the newest HPW Elite and Stanford University #3 all-time in the 1500m (4:11). 

3 x 300m, 3 x 200m, 3 x 300m, 2 x 200m, 2 x 100m


300m Set #1: 51.6, 49.2, 48.3
200m Set #1: 29.3, 30.0, 28.8
300m Set #2: 49.1, 48.1, 47.9
200m Set #2: 30.4, 28.8
100m: 13.2, 13.3

Recovery: 2' - 3' rec. between reps and 5' - 6' rec. between sets

Rebecca Mehra — April 24th, 2018


Context & Details

Rebecca is the most recent addition to the High Performance West Elite roster. She is a gamer, who is always looking forward to the next race. 

This session is a "testing the waters" mixed pace workout she did with HPW Elite teammate, and 2:00 800m runner, McKayla Fricker. Rebecca is progressing back from a stress fracture sustained in early winter and is now getting herself into useful shape for a competitive outdoor season this spring. 

The theme of the session was progressing the speed of the reps as the workout developed. Often times, for the middle distance runner, quality is more important than quantity on workout day, as this workout exemplifies.

The desired outcome was reps ran at faster than 1500m pace, nearing a full sprint when in a manageably fatigued state. Foot speed when tired can seem like an oxymoron at first, but for the middle distance runner, it is the currency which wins races. Therefore, I look to integrate it, as with the 2 x 100m reps here, whenever the conditions of the session and constitution of the athlete in the moment allow.

Lest us never forget, running fast is not only necessary to win races, it is also fun. Speed work is useful, necessary, and important in liberal doses, especially come the final workouts before the heart of the outdoor track season commences. As it is about to for Rebecca. 


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