Workout of the Day

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4 x 800m

Splits:  1:47, 1:53, 1:49, 1:47

Recovery: 1200m jog between each rep

Matthew Centrowitz — Late July, 2016


Context & Details

Workout details as documented by Sports Illustrated (here):

Two weeks before the [2016] Olympics, Centrowitz ran 1:47 seconds to win an 800-meter race in Eugene. Salazar had told him that after that race he would run two more 800-meter repeats. This is a common Salazar training method — sending his runners out for hard workout after races. Centrowitz ran 1:53, jogged 1,200 meters (three laps around the track) and then ran 1:49 to finish the workout. “Then Alberto said, ‘Where are you going, we’re doing one more,’” said Centrowitz. He ran a 1:47. 


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