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Kristen Rohde, right, with HPW Elite Teammate Tara Welling. (photo:  Gazette Times )

Kristen Rohde, right, with HPW Elite Teammate Tara Welling. (photo: Gazette Times)

2 x 1 Mile + 2 x (4 x 200m)


1 Mile — 5:37.9, 5:29.9
2200m Set #1 — 34.3, 37.3, 36.7, 36.5
200m Set #2 — 34.5, 34.3, 34.3, 33.6

Recovery: 3' rec. after each 1 Mile rep. 200m rec in 70" - 80"  between 200m reps with 3' rec. between sets

Kristen Rohde — Jan. 29, 2014


Context & Details

At the time of this session, Kristen was 10 days past setting her indoor 3,000m personal best of 9:24.40. A mark which was good enough to secure her qualification to the USA Indoor Championships that season. 

One of Kristen's skills as a competitor is her ability to push herself.

On race day she typically performs at roughly 10% above her practice ability. Rarely, does she go to "the well" in practice, but when the gun goes off she brings it — and then some. I've had the privilege to work with over 500 runners in my coaching career and of those few possess this ability at the level of intensity she does. It is quite impressive.

This specific workout was a maintenance session composed of crescendoing mixed paces. The aim was to provide a manageable aerobic stimulus as well as an opportunity to work on leg speed with a focus on her mechanics.

Kristen, who works full time as a physical therapist, was still feeling spent from her race effort. Therefore, we decided upon only 3 miles worth of work that day with the two mile reps at 10K pace, the first set of 200s at slightly faster than 3K effort and the 2nd set at slightly faster than 1500m effort. It was a simple, low-key effort and just the right dosage of work for her that day as she finished feeling positive, accomplished and not at all spent.

With an athlete like Kristen few workouts in her preparation need to be "barn burners." In fact, most times, less is more in training with her because it is race days where she pours all her effort.

Time and time again, she shows up and brings extra because she knows she can do anything for 3 minutes


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