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4 Mile Tempo + 1 x 1600m, 2 x 800m


4 Mile Tempo — 4:40, 4:45, 4:45, 4:45 = 19:05
1600m — 4:25
800m — 2:13 / 2:07 

Recovery: 6' rec after tempo. 3' rec after 1600m. 75" rec between 800s.

Alan Webb — March 18th, 2013


Context & Details 

This session comes from Alan's log during the period he was as a member of the Bowerman TC group guided by Jerry Schumacher. 

Alan and the BTC men where finishing up a dense and moderately intense block of sea level training before ascending to Mammoth Lakes, CA for altitude camp the following week. At this time, Alan was running 75 miles a week while logging an additional 3 - 4 hours of (hard) swimming in the pool per week. Those pool hours were worth about 10 miles running per hour swam, as he weren't doing easy laps, but honest aquatic workouts. 

Back to the workout at hand.

It is a classic Jerry-esque session, a gradual but relentless "tightening of the screws." This is one of those workouts that stings the entire time. When starting with an honest, slightly uncomfortable tempo then progressively shift gears on short rest there can be no hiding. It is the short rest between reps which ups the ante and degree of difficulty.

Alan left a brief comment after the 2:07, "Woof. Hard."

When the American record holder in the 1 mile deems a session difficult, you know it deserves respect. 


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