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3 x (600m, 400m, 300m, 200m)


Set #1 — 1:48684932
Set #2 — 1:46674932
Set #3 — 1:45664831

Recovery: 400m jog in 2' after each rep and between sets.

Tara Welling — July 27th, 2013


Context & Details

Before I was privileged to be Tara's coach, I acted as a proxy coach for her. 

In 2013 Tara had finished third at the USATF Outdoor Championships in the 10K, but failed to hit the IAAF World qualification mark, which prohibited her from running the World Championships. Her coach at the time was in Europe preparing other athletes under his charge for the Worlds Champs meet and called upon me to keep an eye on Tara during workouts as she prepared for the summer road racing circuit.

Not that she needed me. She is very independent and can watch after herself. But I made myself feel useful those sessions by reading splits and offering words of encouragement as she zipped around the practice track. 

This is a classic Bowerman session which was originated by Igloi. The 600m breakdowns start at 3K pace and get progressively faster as the reps shorten, so the athlete is running at near full speed on the 200m rep.

I use this workout regularly to this day. It is a staple session in my workout catalog which can be of use for the 800m runner to the marathoner.

Most who run this type of session like it because, as you can see by Tara's times, an athlete can't help but run this workout fast.

And least we forget, running fast is fun.


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