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1:47 800m man Nathan Fleck (yellow vest) moments after a win at the 2016 Portland Twilight. 

1:47 800m man Nathan Fleck (yellow vest) moments after a win at the 2016 Portland Twilight. 

2 x (80m, 90m, 100m, 110m, 120m) + 1 x 150m


Set #1: 9.50 / 10.54 / 11.25 / 12.50 13.89
Set #2: 9.41 / 10.62 / 11.28 / 12.67 / 14.06 
150m: 17.33

Recovery: 2.5' rest between reps. 5' rest between sets 

Nathan Fleck — May 12th, 2016


Context & Details 

On offer today is a pure speed workout for the true 800m athlete in the heart of track season. 

The design is an ascending ladder where the goal is to sustain a sprint effort (for Nathan that correlated to about 46"/400m speeds) as the reps grew longer. That is a tall order. Even with full recovery. But Nathan has a predisposition to sprinting and this was in his wheelhouse. However, it was still an honest ask. 

Nathan was given a rest of 2:30 which increased the demands as his recovery was tip-toeing the fine line of incomplete/complete. I wanted him to keep a clear head throughout and sprint well while having to embrace moderate deceleration in the final 20m - 40m of each rep (as is the reality in final stages of the 800m). 

The final 150m rep is a fun treat to end the session. More than anything, I've found most 800m athletes gain a lot of confidence and excitement from being able to run a 150m at top speed to conclude a sprint session. The half-miler is a creature of quickness and it is important to elevate that dominant quality during track season. As my high school coach always told me, "When difficult tests come, you'll always rely on your strength, not weaknesses. Never forget to get better at what you are already good at." He was spot on. I've never forgotten those words.

And nor did Nathan. He didn't forget that final 150m in 17.33, as four days later he ran his lifetime best of 1:47 for 800m while winning the event at the 2016 Portland Twilight. Proving my high school coach's wisdom, that when it counts, best to rely on your strength, and for Nathan that is his pure speed.


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