Workout of the Day

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3 x ( 3 x [400m @ 5K + 100m @ 800])


Set #1: 74.2 + 15.5 / 76.3 + 15.9 / 74.2 + 15.6S
Set #2: 75.1 + 15.1 / 76.7 + 15.4 / 76.7 + 14.8
Set #3: 75.3 + 15.4 / 78.7 + 15.3 / 72.2 + 15.5

Recovery: 2:30 jogging between reps. 6' jogging between sets

Kristen Findley — Early May, 2016

Context & Details 

I coached Kristen for only a year, all of 2016 to be precise. In early 2017 she moved to SoCal. I still miss working with her. She was an apt pupil, has a sharp mind, and was a workhorse. 

Two-thousand sixteen was an Olympic year and Kristen wanted to make the US Olympic Trials meet in the 1500m. However, she joined us in January injured. And since she did’t run a step until March that year, we were forced to go into hurry offense with her preparations. By May she was race ready, but not yet at national class capacity. Being a middle-distance runner, she got better with racing. You can do all the training in the world, but racing is the ultimate stimulus to improve fitness. However, because her calendar was shortened she didn't have those early season races to help get her up into race shape. So we had to craft a Plan B, which included this workout. 

The workout was written as 3 x 3 x 500m, but really it is a change of pace session. The first 400m was at 5K effort and then she immediately accelerated to 800m effort. My intent was to refamiliarize her with her top end speed while slightly fatigue as she would face over the final 2 laps of the 1500m. Seeing as she had been injured for four months of the winter, she had gone a long period without calling upon it. And this composition was my best effort at the creating the conditions which mimicked that 1500m racing reality. 

 Numbers can tell a story. That day, the narrative I was more concerned with was how she expressed changing the pace. I didn't care about the overall time for the 500m, rather I only tracked splits for the 400m then 100m segments within each rep.

She nailed it, giving herself hope she might have a shot to qualify. That day she looked crisp, said she felt powerful and in control of her tempos, and left the track excited about her upcoming races.  You can't ask for a better session, from an even better person.


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Jonathan Marcus