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Seattle Workshop

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On Coaching | Mini Workshop #1

Seattle, WA + Online — January 12th, 2018 

(6:30 am - 7:15 am | *Coaches Run) 
8:00 am | Opening Remarks
8:05 am | Athletic Development Designed for Sustained Competitiveness
8:25 am | Q & A + Discussion
8:45 am | Farsighted Approach to 800 Meter Training — Danny Mackey
9:05 am | Q & A + Discussion
9:25 am | Strength & Conditioning Programming for Distance Runners
9:45 am | Q & A + Discussion
10:05 am | Closing Remarks
10:10 am | End
(10:30 am - 11:30 am | *Coaches Coffee)
(Noon - 1:30 pm | *Pre Meet Shadowing)

* =  Optional and only available for Seattle workshop attendees on location
All times in Pacific Standard Time

Price of Enrollment
$75  — Seattle Attendee
$45 — Online Attendee

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Note: A $15 discount is available to any Volunteer, Part-Time, or Graduate Assistant Coach. To receive this discount please contact Jonathan Marcus directly by clicking here to verify you meet asked qualifications. This discount applies to any "Young Coach" age 28 or younger as well. 

Learn. Exchange. Connect. Get Better. 

Starting in 2018, High Performance West will offer several On Coaching Workshops throughout the year in the US and online. The Seattle Workshop is our first. It is a mini-workshop, lasting roughly 2 hours in length with 3 presentations of 20 minutes in duration each followed by 20 minutes of discussion. Space is limited. Enrollment is capped at 25 in-person attendees and 50 online attendees. We want you to join us, so don't delay and miss out — enroll today before the cap is reached.

The High Performance West On Coaching Workshop series was created by coaches for coaches who want to get better and make a difference. Your work matters. Others are counting on you to guide and inspire them. We want you to successfully apply the knowledge gained to their benefit. All of the information offered will include explicit direction on how to put into practice the lessons learned, so you can make a positive impact immediately. Your contribution is important and we're thankful for it.

The Seattle HPW On Coaching Mini Workshop was designed with connection top of mind. Included in the on location schedule are several (optional) ways to connect.

For attendees in Seattle, before the workshop begins there is an opportunity to go for a morning run with your coaching peers along with Jonathan Marcus, the High Performance West Director and On Coaching Podcast co-host, and Danny Mackey, Head Coach of the Brooks Beasts TC. This is a no drop, all paces welcomed run. Afterwards, attendees are invited to grab a cup of coffee to "talk shop" with Jonathan and fellow attendees in a relaxed setting.

Additionally, attendees in Seattle will get an opportunity to shadow Jonathan & Danny, while professional athletes they coach go through their pre-meet activities the day before the UW Preview track & field meet. This is a rare opportunity to see first hand the final competition preparations of national class athletes and view fellow coaches performing their craft. 

Online attendees will be able to participate in the workshop via video or audio options. Also, the workshop will be recorded in video and audio formats for all attendees to enjoy and revisit after the workshop.

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If you'd like to join us, enroll now.  Thank you | jm + SM