Athletic Development Seattle Workshop 18


In 2017, Daniel Herrera (bib 69) toed the starting line 29 times racing from March to October without injury. He broke 4 minutes for the first time running 3:56.13 and setting the Mexican National 1 Mile record in the process. He went on to run a sub-4 minute mile in three consecutive months (June, July, and August).

This kind of consistent of competitiveness Daniel enjoyed is far too rare in our sport. However, the design all along was to prepare him to compete at a high level for 6 straight months.  

At the HPW On Coaching | Mini Workshop in Seattle on January 12th, 2018, Daniel's coach, HPW Director Jonathan Marcus, will present the 3 essential ingredients that spurred Daniel's breakout year and consistent performances. He will clearly detail how you can put each element to immediate use with the athletes you coach, from rookie to world-class runner, to positively impact their athletic developement for sustained competitiveness throughout a racing season. 

And, as a bonus, he will give you 5 key workouts (with splits, details & context) Daniel ran in 2018 as a take home Thank You gift. 

You can enroll for the Mini Workshop in Seattle or Online now.