Change is Not a One Time Event


Change is not a one time event.

One cannot shower once and hope to remain clean next year.

One cannot race “well” once and hope to race better next race. Nor race “bad” once and then decided they're out of shape.

The truth is, this game of foot racing requires a hefty dose of resilience.

We race/exercise today so we can move our bodies again tomorrow. It is an infinite game.  And all you have to do is keep playing.

I promise your best days are ahead of you, as well as your worst. Good/Bad days are wedded to each other.

Action is not driven by the past, but pulled by the future.

See clearly where it is you want to go and move in that direction.

You are on the right path. Continue. It will never be easy. But the journey is worth it.

Trust yourself.


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus