Ignore The Noise

Rebecca Mehra , HPW Elite miler. 

Rebecca Mehra, HPW Elite miler. 

There is pure and valuable information which leads to rational and correct conduct and refinement. And then there is noise. Lots of noise. 

Noise is a derivative of chaos. It is a relative of rumor and hearsay. The product of miscalculations. The packaging of bad information with a hint of sloppiness. Noise is junk.

Unfortunately much of what is out there is noise, leading to confusion and misguided action. 

How can the noise be combated? By a deep understanding of the fundamentals. Such an education arms us with a keener observation regarding inputs presented. When thoroughly schooled in what matters, we can better discern if the information on offer is inline or out of step with the indispensable principles of our pursuit. 

Noise disrupts the natural harmony because it is litter. In utopia, the landscape is pristine and clear of refuse. This should be our model in an era where there is more rubbish than we can process. "Keep a tidy soul," Mark Twain advised. And I'll add, keep a tidy mind as well.

Don't consume the noise— instead ignore it. The power of noise depends on it being heard, and it's disappearance rests on it being tuned out.


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Jonathan Marcus