Andrew Wheating, The Coach

Coach Andrew Wheating, meticulously readying training plans for his athletes.

Coach Andrew Wheating, meticulously readying training plans for his athletes.

Since retirement from professional running, Andrew Wheating has been staying busy. He is involved with several interesting projects around Portland while giving back directly to the sport by coaching at a local high school. 

Obviously, he knows a great deal about running fast and competing to win. And it has been exciting to see him bring the unbridled enthusiasm, passion, and fire he carried as a competitor to his coaching while keeping running fun for his athletes. 

I have a lot of respect for Coach Wheating as he chose to coach at a school with a richly multicultural but socioeconomic underprivileged student body, where he could have a big impact and make a difference. Which he is.

This spring, his boy's team won the Distance Medley Relay race at the annual Portland City Relays meet for either the first, or one of the few times ever in school history. That is a big deal as no one thought they'd be in contention. They came out of nowhere, echoing their coach in the 800m at the Olympic Trials in 2008.

Coach Wheating is connecting with, inspiring, encouraging, and championing these young men and women daily to elevate their expectations, show up regularly, and do the work needed to become their very best.

This is more of what the sport needs — one of America's top middle-distance runners of the past twenty years giving back to a community which is benefiting immensely from his experience and insight. 

Bravo coach Wheating, bravo.


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Jonathan Marcus