The Difference is Clarity

HPW PDX team member, Valerie W.

HPW PDX team member, Valerie W.

I offer the following guidance to athletes regularly: 

When you know EXACTLY what it is you want and what you want is CORRECT then you will get it. But when you are unclear so will be your path and result. 

I've seen this played out enough times with the 500+ athletes I’ve coached in the last 10+ years as well as hundreds of other athletes which I’ve observed at races from afar.

When does a story start? Last week. 6 months ago. A year prior. Or it could start today.

New information can change us, if we let it.

When you tell yourself you want something, no matter the cost, likelihood is you will see it so.

But if you tell yourself it is too hard, too costly, too time consuming, not coming easy enough, then it will never be so. 

I cannot tell anyone what to want. My role as coach is simply to guide. I'm but an aid to the athlete as they create a path to get what they desire. 

My encouragement to them is — stay away from incorrect things at all costs. 

Things which I've discovered which are usually incorrect motivational factors in athletics: a big contract, fancy appearance fees, an abundance of followers on social media, prize money, tons of gear, making an international team, fame, medals, and anything else superficial. These are distractions which can infect an athlete's story.

These are only symptoms which result from success, not success itself. Better to avoid thinking about shallow things as fuel for your pursuits.

Zen buddhism has a saying, “If you want to climb a mountain, begin at the top.” Which Zen buddhists further interpret to mean, "When the task is done beforehand, then it is easy.”

Clarity is a difference maker. 


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus