Your Story is Everything

Former NAIA national Champion in the 10,000m and 5,000m, Karlee Coffey.

Former NAIA national Champion in the 10,000m and 5,000m, Karlee Coffey.

The greatest muscle we have is our mind. It is why the human race became royalty of the world.

We've bested the weather, stronger animals, bacterias, and many more adversaries. The human species thrives despite all the danger the world presents. We created tools, shelter, money, technology, and nations. Our narrative ability is why we have religions and the spiritual beliefs we do. Because we can believe and have faith, we can connect.

In medicine, placebos work 1/3 of the time. Which is amazing when you think about it. And can only be explained by the fact that what we believe and tell ourselves can alter our biochemistry — which evidence from scientific studies indicate.

Long have I searched for the “secret” to training, preparation, racing, etc. And what I have found is your chosen story to be a powerful agent of influence. A difference maker. The narrative which we believe is critical to the life we enjoy including performance in any athletic contest.

Ultimately, the muscle all athletes are fundamentally training is the mind. And the brain works in stories and maps. Good stories make for better maps and good maps are useful stories to help us better navigate the complex terrains encountered in this world of sport and life.

For the runner, races are contests of feats of strengths — not solely of the body, but the mind as well. So the path to increased athletic prowess may not lie in solely enhancing an athlete's physiology or psychology, but perhaps improving their psychophysiology


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Jonathan Marcus