HPW Then & Now : Part III

High Performance West | Rip City Professional Athletes Eleanor Fulton (far right) & Sasha Gollish (2nd from far right) compete at the 2017 Portland Track Festival in the W's 1500m.

High Performance West | Rip City Professional Athletes Eleanor Fulton (far right) & Sasha Gollish (2nd from far right) compete at the 2017 Portland Track Festival in the W's 1500m.

In theatrical trilogies and on-stage plays, Part III, or Act 3, is typically the climax. Where all the efforts of the hero are put to the test and their promise realized.  

The same holds true now with the New High Performance West. However, the things is, the Act 3 of HPW is in the future. It has yet to be written. In fact. we're crafting it right here, right now, today. Where the New HPW is going and what it shall become are a work a progress — how exciting! 

On my 34th birthday, I made the decision that my best days were still ahead of me. I was tired of driving down the road of life looking in the rearview mirror at what was instead of being fully present to what is. By committing to this discipline of believing my best days are still ahead of me, everyday is now my wedding anniversary, birthday, Christmas and more, all rolled into one. Now I can't wait to get up in the morning because today promises to be the my best day of my life yet! This outlook is such an empowering gift. It fundamentally shifted, for the better, how I live my life. 

This approach applies to the New High Performance West. The best days of this dawning organization are still ahead of us, much like a newborn. 

When your child is born, you hope the best for it. A long, healthy, rich life. Abundant success. Few hardships. Many loved ones. Cherished memories. And a legacy which positively impacts others. 

Such is the desire for the New High Performance West. We want this to succeed. To help others. Make an impact. Inspire you to be your best. 

This organization is not about me. Or Steve. Or the athletes whom we coach. It is about you. Us. Connection. Collaboration. Our culture. Our shared community. 

The New High Performance West is about contribution. Generosity. Enrichment. And of course, quality. Granted these words are opaque, ambiguous, void of meaning right now. I get that. In fact, that is the point. If you enroll on this journey with us you'll come to know the meaning of these words with sharp clarity and precision.

But understanding is a process. A long, slow, consistent process. Walter Mischel, famed scientist and author of the Marshmallow Test, proved that those who posses a high degree of patience, what he coined "high delay," enjoyed far more success, fulfillment, and deeper positive relationships throughout life compared to those with little or no patience ("short delay") who sought instant gratification. As he describes it, “the ability to delay immediate gratification for the sake of future consequences is an acquirable cognitive skill.” Yes, you read it right; patience is an acquirable skill, not a static, preset talent. Meaning, if you work at it, you can get better at it. Just like running, racing, coaching, art, business, teaching, and all capacities of performance.  

The New High Performance West is for those seeking "high delay" — a long term payoff. It is not for the "short delay" crowd. And that is OK. This is not designed to be for everybody. In fact, it is crafted for a special few. But it could be for you and someone you know. And truly I hope it is. 

If you stick with me for a few more daily blog posts this coming week you see what The New High Performance West is all about. 

Yup, we're different. And that is the intent. Because to pander to the heard is to engage in a race to the bottom. In such a contest everyone loses. We want everyone to win. And that is what the New HPW is here for: making a useful contribution to you, to assist you in winning.  

Thanks for showing up. We won't be able to do this work without you. I hope you join us. // jm


PS — In the first two weeks of December 2017 we will unlock several elements on our website. And continue to identify what the New High Performance West is and is not, so it is clear. 

In the meantime, here are a few Frequently Asked Question to help you out:

What exactly is High Performance West now?

It is a united community of driven people (athletes, coaches, and like-performers in creative fields) striving to consistently perform at their highest.

Originally founded by coaches for athletes; now The New HPW is a resource by coaches, athletes, and like-minded high performers working together in collaboration to profit the community of high performance at large. 

Wait, I thought High Performance West was a track & field club based in Portland, Oregon?

It was; but now we've evolved into something bigger than that. We're an organization which offers coaching, education, mentorship, guidance, and useful informative content to not just athletes in track & field (and namely distance running) but coaches as well. And teachers. And artists. And businesspersons. And any creative-type who seeks useful content and engagement to nourish their craft. 

Elements of our athletics origin still — and will always — continue to exist.

The cohort of athletes coached by Jonathan Marcus will fall under the banner of High Performance West | Rip City. And athletes guided by Steve Magness will be associated with the moniker High Performance West | Clutch City. These affiliations pay homage to the nicknames of the NBA teams from the hometowns of Jonathan (Portland TrailBlazers | Rip City) & Steve (Houston Rockets | Clutch City). In their youth they were fans of the NBA, so we thought these sobriquets would be a fun way to pay tribute to the locales of upbringing of Jonathan & Steve. 

So, you have to live in Portland, Ore or Houston, Tx to be a member of The New High Performance West?

Nope. You do not. You can live anywhere in the world.

Some athletes in the HPW | Rip City cohort live in California, Louisiana, and Canada.  And athletes in the HPW | Clutch City camp live in Ireland, Minnesota, and Colorado. We are an open arms, come-as-you-are organization which is truly global. If you have a collaborative, growth mindset, plus reliable internet connection and are into the concept high performance development you can join us starting December 15th, 2017. Simple. Easy. Accessible.


Jonathan Marcus