The HPW Daily Blog : Welcome


This is a daily blog.

At least one post will be made every day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. Rain or shine.

High Performance requires a disciplined approach. That means showing up, without fail, every single day. This blog will walk that walk.

This blog will be published early morning.

You can access it on the HPW website home page or the blog page. Also, it will be published via twitter on my personal as well as the HPW account.

Coming December 15th, there will be a daily email subscription service option plus alternatives of lesser frequency. 

This is an all-purpose blog focused on the concept of Performance

The HPW daily blog will highlight different people, elements, thoughts, accounts, and insights on Performance.

This blog is a resource. 

The blog's content is designed to be authored by anyone within the High Performance West community. That includes (on many days) myself, or Steve Magness, or the Professional Athletes we coach. Also, posts can come from invited guests, colleagues as well as any HPW member willing to contribute. This unique intersection of diverse perspectives on Performance promises to enrich our culture and community by affording everyone a voice and space to be heard.

This blog is free.  

And always will be. There will be no ads, pop-up promotions, or monetization efforts. At HPW we believe knowledge should be generously shared, without barriers or clutter. 

This blog will make you think.

Our intent is to provide a daily offering of quality intellectual nourishment on Performance with words, links, video, visuals, studies and more. We want you to feel smarter, more empowered, and/or inspired for having interacted with the HPW daily blog.

Welcome to the HPW daily blog. I'm glad you're here. // jm

Jonathan Marcus