The New HPW is for We The People

From Left to Right: Daniel Herrera, Nathan Fleck, & McKayla Fricker 

From Left to Right: Daniel Herrera, Nathan Fleck, & McKayla Fricker 

The New High Performance West has a single purpose: Put people first; always.

You win with people. Are transformed by people. Teach people. Learn from people. It is the people that matter. Not logos. Not brand image. Or a slick social media presence. 

In the New High Performance West, the people are our heart and soul. This effort is for the people, by people just like you.

We don't keep score with saber metrics, detailed analytics or ad revenue. Rather, we care how well coaches, athletes, members, and friends of HPW profit from our offerings. That is it. Simple. Clear. Honest. True.

If the people are the spirit then the daily blog is the backbone of The New High Performance West.

Everyday we will make a contribution aimed at positively impacting you, the performance culture and community. No hype. No flash. No look-at-me tactics. Just steady, drip by drip quality. Here when you want it. Designed to help.

We will aim to keep blog posts short, simple, potent, and useful. 

Sure, we'll author longer works on performance such as articles, essays, opinions, training reviews as well as podcasts and videos. But those will be of distinct depth and produced regularly but not daily. 

The HPW daily blog is a home. You can count on it, on us, to deliver. Every day. We hope you plan to show up daily too. We're thankful you're here, now. It is an honor and privilege to contribute. We don't want to waste this incredible opprtunity.  

Thank you for caring enough to be here. // jm


PS —  Over the following days the HPW daily blog will run slightly on the longer side. Such is a temporary condition as I'll be telling the story of High Performance West from its gensis to now.

It matters where HPW came from. How it got here. And where HPW is headed. Your participation is needed for The New High Performance West to flourish. Therefore, your knowledge of HPW's history should be up to speed so you can jump right in and get started.

Jonathan Marcus